The stable release of DJ-Messages is now available

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The stable release of DJ-Messages is now available
10 June 2018
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The stable release of DJ-Messages is now available

26 November, 2021

We have just released a stable version of DJ-Messages. It contains minor fixes and a brand new theme!

Check the video with an installation and setup guide for regular Joomla users for DJ-Messages:

Universal theme for Joomla templates

The new version of DJ-Messages extension includes a completely new theme that has been written from scratch. The theme was tested on many popular Joomla templates so it should look great on your template too! We have also paid attention to make the theme works perfect on tablets and phones. Of course, the theme is compatible with RTL languages.


DJ-Messages allows all Joomla administrators to enable the internal communication for Joomla users.

It also connects seamlessly with DJ-Classifieds. Once the integration is enabled the "Contact this advertiser" form works as a starting point to send messages to the internal input box and advertiser can communicate back with the customer from there.

Some of the features:

  • a direct communication between Joomla users
  • DJ-Classifieds integration for "Contact this advertiser"
  • display inbox to view notifications and quickly get to the message
  • display users list to quickly select the user to whom to send a private message
  • display custom fields related to user profiles on the message list
  • show a link to user profile page on the message list
  • choose whether users should be able to receive messages by default
  • choose whether the profile link should be visible to others by default
  • sort by subject, name or date
  • search by keyword
  • filter by adverts
  • archive messages
  • trash and restore messages
  • mark as read or unread
  • Fast loading (AJAX requests)
  • List of users module
  • E-mail notifications
  • Attachments to messages
  • Friendly admin panel
  • Inbox module
  • Quick reply form

Want to know more?


Check the documentation:


Let us know what do you think about the extension and what ideas you have. For this purpose, we have enabled new category on our feedback forum - DJ-Messages or just leave a comment here.

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