We are extending the DJ-Extensions product offer with Joomla templates and WordPress themes from our brands

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18 February, 2022
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We are extending the DJ-Extensions product offer with Joomla templates and WordPress themes from our brands

18 February, 2022

It's time to announce some significant changes will soon occur on the DJ-Extensions website. We will extend our product offer with Joomla templates from Joomla-Monster and WordPress themes from PixelEmu.

Upcoming changes

In February/March 2022, we will begin migrating users from the Joomla-Monster and PixelEmu websites to the DJ-Extensions domain. Once the process is complete, we plan to switch/redirect all products from these websites to the DJ-Extensions site.

All Joomla templates and WordPress themes will be available for purchase directly from the DJ-Extensions site only. Joomla-Monster and PixelEmu websites will still work, but purchasing a selected template will redirect the user to the DJ-Extensions website, where the purchase will be further handled. Of course, all user accounts will be retained, and purchased plans (the account's achievements) will be preserved.

Since December, the DJ-Extensions website has had a new payment system, Paddle (a modern platform for accepting online payments). We decided on that change because of the tax laws and the tax issues obligating us to collect sales tax. It was a significant setback for our company as it required dealing with tax issues on worldwide sales.

We do not sell products directly to end-users anymore, and our sales are performed using the authorized reseller, Paddle - a merchant of record and deals with billing and invoicing. Most importantly for us, they are also responsible for determining the sales tax, accepting the money, and invoicing the order accordingly. Paddle collects the VAT number, billing address and applies the correct tax rate for business/private customers no matter what country they are in.

We realize these are big changes but we've decided to standardize our sales system but also to make life easier for our users. Now everything will be in one place - extensions, templates, and themes - as well as all user accounts. Users will have better control over access to their files and license keys.

As Joomla-Monster and PixelEmu are our sister brands, there is really no need to worry - the user will even benefit.

User benefits

These changes will make things easier for us, but we also always remember about our customers. They will also benefit. Apart from the fact that they will have everything in one place and it will be easier to manage, there are several other significant benefits.

Information for Joomla-Monster users

Each Joomla-Monster user will have a DJ-Extensions user account, with access to purchased templates and extensions.

With this account, the user will download products and manage license keys.

Templates for Joomla will no longer be sold as separate products - they will be divided into 4 thematic groups. So it will be possible to buy a package of templates. The users who have a template (or templates) from a particular category will automatically access the rest of the templates from that category!

Active subscribers of the Unlimited plan will access all products on the website! If they have already had access to all templates and extensions, they will still have this privilege. Additionally, they will get access to all WordPress themes and DJ-Extensions products that are not included in their templates and can be purchased on the DJ-Extensions website!

Information for PixelEmu users

Each PixelEmu user will have their own DJ-Extensions account, granting access to the purchased WordPress themes.

From this account, each user will be able to download all purchased products.

WordPress themes will no longer be sold as separate products - all themes will be grouped into one package (15 WordPress themes). So it will be possible to purchase a package only. Users who own a single theme (or a few themes) will automatically access the rest of the themes included in the bundle!

Active subscribers of the Unlimited plan will get automatic access to all products on the site! If you already have access to all themes from PixelEmu, you will continue to have that right, and you will also have access to all Joomla templates and all DJ-Extensions that can be purchased on the DJ-Extensions.com!


We will keep you informed about everything on the DJ-Extensions website and the Joomla-Monster and PixelEmu websites. We hope that upcoming changes will meet with a positive response. Our goal is to improve the sales system, simplify specific processes and rules, and above all, satisfy the customer. Nobody will lose out on this, and we will all benefit.  

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