What is WordPress? Learn more about creating websites with the world's most popular CMS

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04 April, 2023
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What is WordPress? Learn more about creating websites with the world's most popular CMS

04 April, 2023

We are starting the month with WordPress at DJ-Extensions!

On 27th May 2023, WordPress will celebrate its 20th anniversary. We are joining in the celebration of this event and celebrating the WordPress month at DJ-Extensions.

During this month, we will be sharing our knowledge with you. We have prepared a series of blog posts about one of the most popular CMS in the world. We will also be sharing our experience with the WordPress system to support you in making the right choices
when creating your own WP websites.

What is WordPress?

"The freedom to build. The freedom to change. The freedom to share."

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMS). Since it was created in 2003, it has gained enormous popularity and
is now used by millions of people around the world. According to the creators of the of the popular CMS: WordPress powers more than 43% of the web, and this number is growing every day. 

Creating websites using WordPress is relatively easy, even for those without programming experience. The content management system is often described as 'flexible' and easy to use. It comes with many useful features that are available in the standard option. If you want to develop your website with further features then you can take advantage of the thousands of plugins
that the CMS developers offer.

The actual functionality of WordPress is therefore almost unlimited. The main advantage is that WordPress (like Joomla) is an open source system. You therefore have unlimited possibilities to use the code of code of this CMS. You can extend and modify it in any way you like.
Use WordPress for commercial projects without any licence fees.

The unquestionable advantage of WordPress is its community, which consists of developers, designers and enthusiasts of this system. Thanks to the fact that, as we mentioned earlier, WordPress is open-source, so anyone can take part in its development, reporting bugs, proposing new features or creating their own plugins and themes.

Main WordPress features

  1. Simplicity - you can easily create your own website
  2. Flexibility - you can create any type of website: blog, website, business website or online shop
  3. Publishing tools - WordPress makes it easy to manage your website content website. You can create draft versions of your articles, schedule their publish or publish content as private, which will be available only after logged into your site.
  4. User management - you can create multiple levels of access to the site - administrators, editors, contributors. Everyone can have a different level of access to your website.
  5. Media file management - you can easily add images and files, by dragging and dropping them into the uploader.
  6. Search Engine Optimised - WordPress is optimised for SEO.
  7. Use WordPress in your language - over 70 languages are available


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, it is the perfect tool for beginners to create a website without the need for any programming knowledge.

It is also used by advanced users, programmers and developers to create more complex projects. Because it is an open source system, it allows you to use its code without any restrictions. We can therefore create our own plugins and themes.

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