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09 May, 2024
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What makes product subscription renewal worthwhile?

09 May, 2024

Subscription renewal plays a key role for both users and online shops. For users, it's about more than just the convenience of receiving products or services on a regular basis; it's about access to a tailored experience that enhances their lifestyle. Meanwhile, for online shops, renewing subscriptions means not only ongoing revenue streams, but also opportunities for deeper engagement and long-term customer relationships.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the myriad benefits that subscription renewals bring to DJ-Extensions users. From cost savings and personalisation to community building and continuous improvement, we'll explore why subscription renewals aren't just a transaction - they're an investment in a seamless, rewarding experience.

Benefits of Subscription Renewal

There are several advantages users gain from renewing their subscriptions.

Access to updates

Continuous access to product updates ensures users' security, functionality, compatibility, performance, support, and competitiveness.

An active subscriber for the duration of the subscription is given the opportunity to download and update purchased products. We update all products regularly. There are often bug fixes and improvements, but also new features and solutions. We do not announce all updates on our blog, in the newsletter or on social media. There are quite a few updates that include small fixes and changes (but important from the user level) that only active subscribers know about. For example, in the last month alone we have updated: DJ-Catalog2, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator, DJ-AudioList, DJ-Charts, and DJ-QrCode.

Access to download

Throughout the duration of the subscription, users have access to the download section for the purchased product, allowing them to download all files associated with their subscription plan. Upon subscription expiration, access to these files is no longer available.

Access to support

Throughout the subscription period, its participant can take advantage of technical assistance provided by our support team. We offer support for troubleshooting and answer product-related inquiries.

Renewal discount

There is an automatic discount for each subscription renewal.

  1. If you renew your subscription early (before its expiration), you'll get 40% OFF.
  2. If your subscription has already expired, you can still save 25% discount if you renew your plan within 60 days of its expiration date.

Upgrade possibility

There is always a possibility to upgrade to a higher plan (including Unlimited Plan) with a favourable discount.

  1. If you upgrade to a Regular plan from a Mini plan before the plan expiration time, you get an automatic 40% OFF.
  2. You can save 25% in case of upgrading from Mini or Regular to Unlimited plan before the expiry date.


As you can see, there are numerous compelling reasons to extend your DJ-Extensions subscription plan, and the advantages extend beyond financial gains. We highly recommend all our product users to renew their subscriptions and directly experience the benefits.