What to do when Google Ads stop displaying in Joomla

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What to do when Google Ads stop displaying in Joomla
06 October 2021
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What to do when Google Ads stop displaying in Joomla

26 November, 2021

If your website is based on the Joomla 3 CMS and Adsense ads have stopped displaying automatically, your website probably has an issue with the Javascript library - Mootools.

For some time, Adsense ads can conflict with MooTools scripts used in various Joomla extensions/templates.

Users often report this issue regarding Joomla Google Ads on the Google forum.

Furthermore, MooTools scripts can generate a problem with Google Ads (no ads in Joomla) and other Google services - such as Google Maps.

Most often, the following error may appear in the diagnostic console :

  • Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: g.toLowerCase is not a function

The solution to the problem with Mootools Google Adsense Joomla may be to block and replace MooTools scripts on the website. Our plugin DJ-jQueryMonster (available for free), will help you with that.


To fix the Google Adsense display error, you need to:

  1. Install the DJQueryMonster plugin
  2. Go to plugins and enable the plugin
  3. In the plugin settings, mark the option "Remove Mootols" - as "Yes."
  4. Save the plugin settings, clear the cache on your site and browser and check the effects.

If you have a problem with that, and our solution does not help (it may be that removing MooTools will cause an additional conflict), or you are looking for another solution, please contact us and order custom work.

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