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05 February, 2023
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Why you should migrate your website from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4?

Official support for Joomla version 3 will end on August 17th, 2023. The last released Joomla 3.x version is 3.10.11, which was made public on August 16, 2022 and no security patches or updates have been released since then. In practice, it can be said that since then there is no official support for Joomla 3 anymore.

At the same time, we have had 7 releases for Joomla 4 - starting from version 4.2.0 to the currently applicable 4.2.7.

Using an older version of CMS creates more and more issues. Hosting service providers raise PHP versions and many functions are incompatible. It, of course affects the system security - you are using old versions of PHP to maintain such compatibility. The use of various extensions also becomes problematic, as a significant portion of them delve deeply into the Joomla core and unfortunately serve incompatible features.

The security argument is particularly strong in the case of eCommerce solutions and all others that collect user data in any way (such as classifieds systems, social systems, etc.)

We all know that annoying message, that appears in the backend, but are we paying attention to it?

support for Joomla

We should be concerned about this, although administrators often ignore the warning for fear of the difficulties ahead. While we can still understand such fears for owners of standard websites, there is practically no choice for business web pages. We have to face it!

I want to assure you that migration is not scary. We have already helped many of our customers through this process, which in most cases is not complicated.

If you are interested in this kind of help, please contact our technical team.

What about the extensions from DJ-Extensions?

Our commercial components are Joomla 4.x compatible, or have a separate version for Joomla 4. So there's no problem here. A significant part of the free extensions have received the relevant updates recently and these solutions can be used safely under the new system version.

However, there are still many extensions that have not been updated. Some of them we will refresh (for sure the most popular, such as DJ-League), and those that will not be rewritten, we plan to remove from our website. However, we will leave the possibility to download them via GitHub.

End of support for Joomla! 3 extensions

Today, we announce the end of support for any Joomla 3 extensions. It means that technical support will only be available for the latest versions of the software, even if there is a version of the extension for the old Joomla version.

The end of support for extensions also means a lack of support for older Joomla-Monster templates.

So why are these templates still in our offer?

Mainly for historical reasons - Joomla-Monster templates have and still have many users. But there is also another, very practical reason for customers. Each of these templates uses our components that of course have full technical support in versions for newer Joomla.

With Joomla-Monster templates, users receive the latest software packages that can be used on any installation of their choice.

Purchasing a set of templates is a cheap opportunity and gives access to many of our Joomla components. That's why those products will still be published for some time.

Please keep in mind that technical support will only apply to extensions installed on the latest versions of the Joomla CMS, as reflected in the Technical Support Regulation VI p.4, which has the following wording:

"Technical support applies only to extensions installed in current, latest environments. e.g. Joomla 4. Thus extensions installed on older CMS versions (e.g. Joomla 3) are not supported."

Why did we make such radical decisions?

The world is moving forward. Staying in old solutions not only creates security issues but also deprives you of the ability to develop your website.

No one is writing extensions for old versions of Joomla, no one is updating them. We understand that with the transition to Joomla 4, a change in the template is necessary, but we also have a solution for that.

You can use our offer of modern templates based on the YOOtheme framework, using our latest integrations with DJ-Catalog2 or Dj-Classifieds. You can take advantage of our full range of plugins to expand your website with new, fantastic capabilities.

We understand that for some users, such a transition is a revolution and that it may be difficult for them. That's why we offer our help. We can go through it together.

Think about it. Contact us and together we will find the most optimal solution.
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