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Accessibility support in Joomla 4
26 October 2020
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Accessibility support in Joomla 4

26 November, 2021

There is no need to invest in any external extensions or plugins. With this feature, anyone can manage a Joomla website, it is a fantastic convenience for people who have been struggling with accessibility to use Joomla.

Your website will be compliant with WCAG guidelines and fully accessible to users with physical disabilities thanks to this feature.

What is a Web Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the design of websites to be useful for people with disabilities. It is to ensure that your website is built in a way that works for people with disabilities. The term covers people with various types of disabilities, including those with vision problems or people with physical disabilities, color blindness, and hearing impairment.

The concept and implementation of accessibility are among the essential aspects of modern web design trends and technologies. In the network, all users must have the same access and ability to access the network.

Accessibility on websites benefits not only readers but also website owners. We can access the web using keyboard controls, visual enhancements, and screen reading.

A set of tips has been developed to make your site accessible. These guidelines can, and often must, be followed by site owners, developers, designers, content creators, and everyone else who contributes to creating and maintaining a website.

How to enable accessibility features on the Joomla website?

Open your Joomla 4 backend. Navigate to "System" and to "Plugins."

Now in the "Search box" type "accessibility" to find the right plugin easily. It will appear on the list. By default, the plugin will be disabled. You need to enable it.

As you can see, there is an option to choose where you want to enable the Accessibility toolbar.

You can enable it only for the Administrator (Backend) or a Site (Frontend) or for Both of them as well. This way, you'll add the accessibility toolbar on your Joomla site.

This plugin allows you to manage text size, text spacing, color management, and use many other options.

See the example on the front page:


WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility support select the color of the Joomla 4 administration panel. WCAG guidelines inform about the type of colors (compared to the background color) that can be used in the text of the page, as well as the appropriate minimum font size.

  • The color of the interface complies with the guidelines and is accessible to users with vision problems.
  • The requirements strictly specify that the contrast of the user interface should be greater than 4.5:1.
  • The interface is light and has a clean approach, and the chosen color contrast of the dashboard in Joomla 4 is 4.8:1.
  • The new Joomla 4 admin dashboard is available in two colors: dark blue (sidebar) and light gray (full user interface.)
  • The color contrast used in the CMS is according to the instructions of WCAG 2.0.


The control panel in Joomla 4 brings an improved interface for better work. The user can configure it and set the panel elements' availability and location, which will allow getting quick access to them.

In the Joomla 4 admin interface, the desktop sidebar contains items that you can easily navigate between menus, content, media, components, and templates.

It allows a user with accessibility tools to get anything without having to search for anything quickly. The user interface structure is built to switch items, and search for menu items is easy and effortless.

Keyboard support

One thing to mention in the context of accessibility is ensuring that all content and links on your site are accessible via the keyboard. To do this, use the appropriate HTML structure tags.

Accessibility Plugin for Joomla 4 

If you need to make your Joomla 4 website more accessible, you can use a tool for that purpose. Each Joomla website owner can easily improve the site's accessibility with the help of the DJ-Accessibility plugin.

DJ-Accessibility Joomla WCAG 2.1 plugin is a simple solution, easy to configure and it works as a set of valuable tools helping people with disabilities navigate the website. Accessibility options can be displayed in a pop-up or toolbar on the web page.  

Most important features:

  • smart contrast
  • keyboard navigation
  • mobile-friendly
  • customizable icon
  • changing the typo (font size, line height, and letter spacing)
  • screen reader

DJ-Accessibility Joomla WCAG solution works with Joomla and WordPress, but it’s also fully integrated with the YOOTheme Pro Builder.

Learn more about DJ-Accessibility


The introduced support for accessibility in Joomla 4 is a crucial step in developing this Content Management System.

Joomla 4: Meet the new Media Manager

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