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Lazy Loading In Joomla 4 resolves the website loading speed issue
06 December 2020
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Lazy Loading In Joomla 4 resolves the website loading speed issue

26 November, 2021

Image loading speed significantly influences the smooth website display and the website visitors' first impressions and reactions. Images are an inseparable element of the website. They make it eye-catching, which very often causes the page size to become too large.

There is no doubt that the loading speed of the Joomla website is essential. Joomla 4 meets users’ expectations with the Lazy Loading function, and ultimately speeds up the website loading and increases the user's interest and trust.

What is a lazy load?

Many images used on the website are a lot of loads. They increase their size, which directly affects the loading speed. For sure, you already know that the pictures and videos are the most critical data type of a page, taking up almost its entire size.

It can be troublesome for ordinary users, and even more so, the issue concerns those with a slower internet connection. Such situations often happen, especially on a blog or news website where the number of these pictures is vast. Lazy loading in Joomla 4 finally solves this problem.

How it's working? It's easy. Lazy loading loads images depending on the page displayed, loading at any given moment only those needed that the user will see on the screen, not all of them. As the number of images required to load is reduced in this case, it results in much better performance, faster page loading, better visitor experience. The most popular browsers support the lazy loading image feature.

Lazy Load in Joomla 4

The lazy loading feature in Joomla 4 does not require any user activity as it is part of the Joomla core, which means it is built-in and runs automatically.

See the example below - the network tab shows pictures being loaded when scrolling:

All images added in your Joomla articles will be lazy-loaded automatically, as the feature setups the 'loading=lazy' attribute for all images.

If you are not sure, you can always check it using the Inspect element tool in your web browser or checking page source code. See our example below:


Lazy loading for Joomla 4 is an essential, useful feature that is extremely helpful for Joomla websites. 

It does not require installing any extensions because it works using pluginless lazyloading for the core, which significantly facilitates lazy loading images for both developers and ordinary users.

Learn more about Joomla 4: