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31 August, 2022
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A bit of information about the integration of our Joomla 4 extensions with the YOOtheme Pro web builder

31 August, 2022

We are the authors of many plugins for Joomla 4 and WordPress that work with YOOtheme Pro page builder. Some of them work as an integration solution for our Joomla 4 extensions and YOOtheme Pro.

In this post, we will focus on them so that you can learn more and check what we are planning in the near future.

YOOtheme Pro is a trendy Page Builder compatible with leading OpenSource CMS'es, Joomla, and WordPress. It brings ready-made, modern layouts suitable for different types of websites.

DJ-Events Integrator plugin

DJ-Events Integrator plugin works with a YOOtheme Pro Page Builder and DJ-Events Pro extension.

DJ-Events PRO is an event calendar extension for Joomla! It gives the possibility to create and edit events on your Joomla website.

Using that solution allows you to display content from the component on pages constructed with the help of a web builder, thanks to a particular type of dynamic content developed by us. In the "Events" layout, we used dynamic content from our component on the YOOtheme grid element.

Create unique views for a list of events or for a single event in just a few minutes! 

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin works with a YOOtheme Pro Page Builder and the DJ-Catalog2 extension.

DJ-Catalog2 is a Joomla eCommerce and directory extension.

It's a helpful tool for creating an eCommerce or product catalog website using DJCatalog2 and Yootheme's Page builder.

It provides deep integration between DJ-Catalog2 and YOOTheme Pro and allows Page Builder features with just a few clicks.

The plugin brings a layout feature for products just like YOOtheme does for articles. This way, you can create different layouts for different products or take advantage of the pre-configured layouts.

Other important features are:

  • Templates & layouts support
  • Extended products grid
  • Dedicated elements
  • Dynamic content

Soon, during JoomlaDay Germany, Austria & Switzerland 2022 (23.-24. September 2022), YOOtheme Pro version 3.0 will be officially announced . What's important, we have already tested the web builder in beta with our DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin, and we know that the plugin will be fully compatible with the new version.

Upcoming DJ-Classifieds Integrator plugin

We are nearing the end of our work on the release of a plugin integrating DJ-Classifieds with YOOtheme Pro.

This plugin will provide deep integration between DJ-Classifieds and YOOtheme web builder and will allow you to have all of YOOtheme's Page Builder features at your disposal with just a few clicks.

The next step we are working on will be the release of the first Joomla 4 classified ads template based on YOOtheme Pro. It will include DJ-Classifieds and an integration plugin.

Integration plugins are included in our Joomla 4 quickstart websites

The integration plugins (DJ-Events Integrator and DJ-Catalog2 Integrator) are used in our Joomla 4 quickstart websites.

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin has been included in:

The DJ-Events integrator plugin has been included in: