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New to DJ-Extensions?

Documentation - DJ-AudioList

The DJ-AudioList plugin needs to be installed like any other plugin in Joomla or WordPress.


This plugin works with Yootheme PRO Builder ONLY.

Plugin activation

After installation please enable the plugin.

How to use the DJ-AudioList plugin?

DJ-AudioList element is visible in yootheme elements under DJ-Extensions tab:

Adding an item

Navigate to the DJ-AudioList element and click "Add Item":

By checking the "Prevent multiple plays" box, when the audio list is running, the moment you click play on any audio, the previous audio is paused.

Enter the "Add item" button and you will see two fields:

  • Name - enter the name of your audio
  • Link to audio - enter the link to the audio. Mp3, Wave and Ogg formats are available.

After saving the item you should see this: