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DJ-EasyContact installation

Contents: Download package Install it on Joomla site Download package Download the DJ-EasyContact from the download section. Install it on Joomla site To install DJ-EasyContact on your Joomla site, on side menu choose "System". Then choose "Install extensions". In "Upload Package File" choose file which we installed earlier.

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DJ-EasyContact module

Contents: Global settings Advanced To open module's settings, navigate to Content -> Side modules and choose DJ-EasyContact module. Global settings Short description: Style - choose one of 5 available styles Labels and placeholders - Only placeholders/Only labels/Labels and placeholders Display required fields as - choose if you want to notify users about required fields by the word 'required' next to the label Intro Text - intro text at the top of the module 'Name' field parameters Use 'Name' field?...

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How to use DJ-EasyContact

Contents: Global settings Field parameters Consent checkboxes and reCaptcha settings Form actions settings Publish the module on your website DJ-EasyContact is a simple free Joomla contact form module. It serves to display a simple and responsive contact form of a classic form or in a pop-up window. E-mails are sent to the email address you set in the settings. In most cases, the simple email form is enough! Let's start with configuring...

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How to remove lines from DJ-EasyContact email

Contents: Remove User IP Remove Browser Type Remove Browser Version Remove Full Agent String If you want to hide part of the email that originally is sent via DJ-EasyContact, you need to make changes in the module's code. This is how the original email look like: To change email contents, go to: /modules/mod_dj_easy_contact/ and edit the helper.php. It's recommended to make a backup of this file before making any changes. Remove User IP by changing line 175...

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