How to use DJ-EasyContact

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How to use DJ-EasyContact

DJ-EasyContact is a simple free Joomla contact form module. It serves to display a simple and responsive contact form of a classic form or in a pop-up window. E-mails are sent to the email address you set in the settings. In most cases, the simple email form is enough!

Let's start with configuring the module. Go to Content -> Site Modules and search for DJ-EasyContact.

Once you open the module, you will have to modify some settings:

Global settings

In this section, you have such settings:

  • Style - Here, you can choose 1 out of 5 available styles
  • Labels and placeholders - Select between Only placeholders / Only labels / Labels and placeholders
  • Display required fields as - choose if you want to notify users about required fields by the word 'required' next to the label or by having an asterisk to notify users that it's a required field
  • Intro Text - You can set an additional intro text at the top of the module

Field parameters

You can decide whether you want to use and set up field parameters of the name, email and message. All the fields can be set as required if needed.

Consent checkboxes and reCaptcha settings

To use the captcha you need to generate keys. You can make it on, press button Get reCAPTCHA, and follow the steps.

Form actions settings

  • Send to the Email address - enter the email address to receive the submissions of this form
  • From Email - enter the email address that will be used to send site email
  • Email Subject - enter the email Subject you will see when receiving the submissions of this form
  • Attach more details to the submission - Yes/No
  • Thank you for an email - Yes/No
  • Redirect after form submission - Yes/No

Publish the module on your website

When you are ready with configuration, it's time to publish it on your page.

To do that, in Module tab, choose the position on your template

Then, go to Menu Assignment tab and select the page on which the module is to be displayed.

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