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Playback full video with sound and controls directly in the slideshow

Full video in the slideshow

You can play the videos directly on the slide without opening them in the modal window. Depending on what fits you best you can use one of the methods (in a slide or in modal/popup window).

Step #1 - Create the Album

First, you need to create the new Album (you can also modify any of the existing albums if needed, but in this tutorial, we will focus on creating the new Album). To do this go to DJ-MediaTools - Control Panel and click New Album and fill all the fields that you may find required for your setup. You can learn more about creating new Albums from the documentation article: Creating new Album

Step #2 - Add videos to the album

Videos can be added to the album in two ways: directly in the Album settings or in Custom items view.

When adding the videos in the album settings you simply need to paste the video URL (it can be YouTube.com, Vimeo.com, Dailymotion.com, Metacafe.com, LiveLeak.com, Yahoo Movies or direct URL to the local/remote MP4 video) in the Full video field and it will be automatically added to the Album as a custom item.

dj-mediatools add videos to the album

If you want to add the videos as custom items (more control over the settings) you need to go to DJ-MediaTools - Items and filter the Album you want to add the videos to and start adding videos as custom items one by one. Learn more about Creating new Custom Item

Step #3 set up video playback in the slide

Now you need to change a setting responsible for playing the video in the slide. Open the Album and go to the album options.

Choose your Album layout and set Video playback option to:  In the slide.

dj-mediatools album settings layout
dj-mediatools video playback options

These settings are essential to get the video in slide running. You can make other changes as needed for the Album.

Save the Album to store the settings.

Please note: Video in the slide feature is supported in the following album layouts: Slideshow, Slideshow with Thumbnails, Tabber, Modern Slider, Gallery Grid and Masonry. Other layouts can not support this feature, because of their design/script limitation.

Step #4 Check the album on the front end

This is a short video presenting how the slides with videos can look like. This is just an example. Remember that you can do much more with all the available layouts and rich settings of DJ-MediaTools.

The videos will stop playing when you change the slide and will start playing again when you get back to the slide. So the video is played back only when the slide is active so you do not need to worry about audio being played one on another.

Example of the videos played in the slides of Modern Slider layout: