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DJ-PassReset installation

Contents: Download package Install it on your Joomla site You're good to go! This extension allows you to force a password change for newly created users as well as forcing password reset after period of time you can set. Download package Download the DJ-PassReset from the download section. Install it on your Joomla site To install DJ-PassReset on your Joomla site, on top menu choose Extensions -> Manage -> Install. In "Upload Package File", choose file, which...

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DJ-PassReset plugins

Contents: DJ Users Passwords DJ Password - Redirection Once you install DJ-PassReset, you will have two plugins: DJ Users Passwords DJ-Password - Redirection DJ Users Passwords First login pass change - after creating the user in backend, the user will be forced to set a new password after first logging in Period login pass change - set if you want to force password change for users every X days Days number - set number of days when users will be forced to change the password Profile type - set a redirection,...

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