DJ-PassReset plugins

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DJ-PassReset plugins

Once you install DJ-PassReset, you will have two plugins:

  • DJ Users Passwords
  • DJ-Password - Redirection

DJ Users Passwords

  • First login pass change - after creating the user in backend, the user will be forced to set a new password after first logging in
  • Period login pass change - set if you want to force password change for users every X days
  • Days number - set number of days when users will be forced to change the password
  • Profile type - set a redirection, whether it should be related to editing the password in the Joomla core or in the Community Builder

DJ Password - Redirection

This plugin is used to check if it's needed to force password reset and if so, it redirects user to the profle page when the password can be changed. There are no settings in it, it just needs to be enabled.

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