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Trigger a phone call when clicking a link in DJ-Classifieds on mobile phone

Create a clickable phone contact field in DJ-Classifieds.

Users can make a mobile phone call clicking on the link with telephone number right from the advert! 

After applying this tutorial, you'll be able to make the telephone number hidden, like this:

that will show in full once touched/clicked like this:

and then once clicked/touched again, the instant phone call can be made:

How to configure the fields

Open the DJ-Classifieds component, then create new custom field.

The field's scheme needs to contain the "tel" phrase. For example: "telephone" or "tel". This concerns only the field's name, the label name is unrestricted.

The "tel" phrase cause that the tag "tel: XXXXXX" is added to the field.  XXX is a field value.

Let's create a new "Field" called "Telephone number". Set the name and choose where to use it. We will create a custom field for a user profile.

Then we set field's scheme to "tel:", so that 

You can also hide the phone number - it will be visible to users that will click the "Show" button. We have published another tutorial to learn how to use the "Show on click" feature

Scroll down and set the "Show value on click" option for "Yes". 

Now save your configuration.

Now you can add a contact number in ad details. The final effect is visible below.

Click the "Show" button, and you will see the full telephone number. 

Now you can use the link with phone number. Click the link with the number and make a call.

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