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"Show on click" for fields displayed in users profile on adverts details page

Now you can set the option “Show on click” also for fields in a user profile. Once you edit the custom fields, you can select "Show on click" in the checkbox and after that this field's details will be revealed after a click.


To set it to go to: Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Extra Fields -> Choose the extra field you want to enable this feature on -> in details of this custom field scroll down to "Show value on click" setting, select "Yes" and save that field.

dj-classifieds show value on click setting


The fieldset showing value on click appears unrevealed, and when the "show" link is clicked, it reveals the full data from that field.

If you want to learn more about "Show on Click" feature and how you can call right from your phone to the advertiser - check this article: Trigger a phone call when clicking a link in DJ-Classifieds on mobile phone.