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How to change date format in DJ-Classifieds custom fields

You can change the date format in extra fields in DJ-Classifieds.

Let’s add the custom field with a date.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll create the “Availability” custom field that will be used for showing the availability for the apartments.
Open DJ-Classifieds in back-end and click “Add field” and set:

  1. Label name
  2. Tooltip description if you want to use one
  3. Type (I chose “Date” but you could also use “Date from-to” if it better fits your purpose)
  4. Date format in PHP format (if nothing entered it’ll use the default Y-m-d format) - in this tutorial I’ve used the date format: F j, Y, g: I a

NOTE: You can set more settings than I did. Learn more about adding custom fields - How to add a new extra field in DJ-Classifieds

Click Save.
Once saved you can assign the extra field to the chosen category

Now the field was added to “Apartments” category.

Once adding the advert from front-end to this category, the date field will be displayed, and the user will be able to select the date from the regular calendar with an icon (1):

then select the date from the calendar (2), and the date will be displayed in the field (3).