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New to DJ-Extensions?

How to use watermarks in DJ-Classifieds

DJ-Classifieds extension gives the possibility to add watermark to your images.

Watermarks are needed if you want to protect images that are uploaded to your site.

The images get their sign indicating from which site the images come from and gives you a free promotion when someone searches for the images in Google, for example - then he can see your website's logo!

It's effortless to set. In a few short steps, we will show you how to do it.

How to enable watermarks?

Open the DJ-Classifieds component in your Joomla backend.

Then go to "Options" -> "Images" tab -> scroll down to the "watermarks" section

Now you have settings for the watermarks. Set it how you need it.

  • Watermark - decide if you want watermarks to show only in adverts, adverts and profile images or don't show.
  • Watermark size - set the size in %
  • Watermark position (horizontal) - set the horizontal position.
  • Watermark position (vertical) - set the vertical position. 

How to add a watermark to your images?

You need to upload the file you want to have the watermark (.png file at best).

You need to upload the image to your /images folder in Joomla installation.
It should have the following name: djcf_watermark.png

Every newly added picture will have this watermark (this does not affect already added images).

NOTICE: If you want to get the watermark to previously uploaded images, you will need to recreate the images that you want to get the new watermark. Read the tutorial about recreating images in DJ-Classifieds.

Now the effects

Let's see it in our example:

 And on a larger screen: