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New to DJ-Extensions?

Free Joomla 3.x templates
from Joomla Monster

Free Joomla templates with Joomla extensions included.

Create Your website with ready to use solution using a responsive Joomla template and Joomla extensions. Complete software for building a site, with beautiful Joomla template designs.

Premium Joomla extensions from dj-extensions.com are included to Joomla template prices.

Please Note

All templates for Joomla 3 are available for free and can be downloaded from the "Download" section.

Joomla Monster templates are working with Joomla 3.x only.

Joomla 3 support ended in August 2023. After that date and without the official support of this CMS version, you are using the Joomla-Monster templates at your own risk.

If you are looking for Joomla 4.x quickstart websites, browse them here.