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JM Eco Energy / FREE Joomla template

Simple multipurpose business Joomla template for creating a simple company website. The Joomla template is very flexible providing many handy and user-friendly tools to customize the template appearance like layout arrangement or colour modifications.

It's WCAG 2.1 compliant website template for Joomla CMS, it means that it follows WCAG and section 508 and ADA recommendations for an accessible website to adjust for people with different disabilities like visual, cognitive, motor or hearing impaired.


This free Joomla 3.x template is without support
The technical support only applies to the extensions supplied with the template (if they are used in the version for Joomla 4.x).

  • JM Eco Energy
  • JM Education - WCAG template
  • JM Simple - WCAG template
  • JM Commune Offices - WCAG template
  • JM University - WCAG Template

What you get?

This is pack of
5 Joomla templates and
4 premium extensions

Templates in JM eCommerce Pack:

  • JM Eco Energy
  • JM Education
  • JM University

WCAG 2.1 & 508 & ADA compliance

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is a stable, referenceable technical standard that covers a range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible.

It is recommended to use solutions like WCAG Joomla templates that will allow you to launch an accessible website with WCAG compliance that covers requirements to 508 & ADA standards.

Use the advanced mega menu for Joomla

DJ-MegaMenu is an advanced accessible menu system (WCAG / Section 508 / ADA) for Joomla! 3 and Joomla 4 (alpha). Among many handy settings this professional Joomla menu allows creating multicolumn submenus and put modules inside. It's responsive and mobile-optimized which means that it works perfectly on all mobile devices.

Set menu and logo position to adjust your needs

By default JM Eco Energy Joomla template displays logo centered and Joomla menu below, however, Joomla template settings give the possibility to select the menu and logo layout orientation that most suit your needs

Create beautiful slides with professional slider Joomla extension

The eco Joomla template uses the DJ-MediaTools component that is a professional Joomla gallery and slider extension. It's not about the front end slider only, with DJ-MediaTools you may create many different galleries displaying the source from MediaTools albums created manually or taken from Joomla content. There are 10 different layouts you may choose from like Gallery grid, Masonry, Slideshow, Slideshow with thumbnails, Tabber, Modern slider, Slider, Kwicks panel, Skitter, Nivo.

Use simple tabs for Joomla to list the most important services

With this simple Joomla module, you may create tabs using 4 different layouts and create unlimited numbers of items with a title, subtitle and its content. This module is called JM Simple Tabs and can be downloaded for free. JM Simple Tabs module is a great alternative for users who do not want to overload the website with unnecessary scripts from advanced tabs Joomla components.

Use a simple Joomla module to display links with icons

JM Additional Features module gives the simple but very handy solution to display unlimited items with linked (optional) titles, font awesome or an image icon and some text. Loved by users because thanks to its simple but flexible options adding sections like Why us is extremely easy with no need for coding knowledge.

Display testimonials with a simple testimonial module for Joomla

For displaying testimonials we used JM Testimonials simple Joomla module. Gather the most interesting testimonials about your company and create them as items in the module. Each item can include an avatar or a company logo as well as name, subtitle and some text. All items can be showed as slides with bullets.

Use a simple image carousel module for Joomla to attract customers with your projects

JM Image Carousel Joomla module can display an unlimited number of items with 3 different carousel styles. Each image item can be linked and redirect to other areas of your website. Can't be simpler!

Don't miss accessibility ready Joomla contact module

DJ-EasyContact is an extremely handy easy contact module for Joomla. It includes essential fields for displaying a simple contact form on your Joomla website. Users who look fr a simple accessible content solution for Joomla will love the easy contact Joomla module for its simplicity and delivery most important features that each contact form should include.

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