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JM eCommerce Pack

JM ZoneStore - eCommerce WCAG / FREE Joomla template

ZoneStore eCommerce template is a simple eCommerce solution with all necessary e-commerce features that allows you to create a successful online store.


This free Joomla 3.x template is without support
The technical support only applies to the extensions supplied with the template (if they are used in the version for Joomla 4.x).

  • JM ZoneStore - eCommerce WCAG
  • JM Product Catalog
  • JM Trips
  • JM Guest House
  • JM Apartments
  • JM Car Dealer
  • JM Minima
  • JM School Tools
  • JM Personal Site
  • JM Free Ebooks
  • JM Hotel
  • JM Exclusive Furniture
  • JM Renewable Energy
  • JM Wedding
  • JM Tropical Hotel

What you get?

This is pack of
15 Joomla templates and
5 premium extensions

Templates in JM eCommerce Pack:

  • JM Zone Store
  • JM Hotel
  • JM Guest House
JM eCommerce pack includes also worth 245€

5 Premium Joomla Extensions


Premium extension worth €78


Premium extension worth €37


Premium extension worth €63


Premium extension worth €37


Premium extension worth €30

Based on flexible eCommerce software for Joomla CMS

Build your online store with powerful eCommerce software with Joomla CMS. DJ-Catalog2 eCommerce software offers the flexible eCommerce solution for Joomla CMS. Now it’s a feature-rich eCommerce platform, easy to use, allowing to create an online store and start selling your products using all features required for a professional e-commerce website.

eCommerce website accessibility for people with disabilities, WCAG compliance

Recent statistics show that around 1 in 5 people in the U.S. live with one or more disabling conditions. Hundreds of lawsuits alleging ADA discrimination were filed against websites and it costs e-commerce retailers expensive and lengthy litigation.

Optimal products list view like biggest brands selling tricks

ZoneStore eCommerce template is a much simpler eCommerce solution than Amazon. It's dedicated for small business online store owners, however, while building ZoneStore online store we were focused on eCommerce website design details that play a great role and have a big impact on customers perception of products searching simplicity and ease

100% responsive eCommerce website

It's 100% responsive & mobile friendly eCommerce Joomla template for Joomla CMS. ZoneStore eCommerce template is tested for mobile devices and adjusted to all screen views to allow users to browse it easily. Build an eCommerce website with fully responsive eCommerce website design which makes it user-friendly for use on phones or tablets.

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