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14 July, 2022
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How to generate a referral link for any subpage

Log in to your affiliate panel. Then go to Custom Tracking Links -> Sub-Affiliate Tracking Links.

In the highlighted window, paste the address of the page of your choice on DJ-Extensions.com. Then click on "Create My Link." Use the URL you have created for your website, blog, or social media posts.

Is linking directly to the product page necessary?

Absolutely not! You can link to any content on our website. So how do you get commissions from sales in such a situation?

It is pretty simple to understand. A unique cookie is served to the user who accesses the site via your link, and it is stored on the visitor's computer and is valid for 180 days. In practice, if the user accesses our site before the validity and the cookie expires and makes a purchase, our system knows that you recommended it.

It's an excellent and effective practice. If you find an interesting post on our blog that could interest your visitors, then post a shortcut to it and the generated link.

Use our posts, e.g., about promotional activities, updates to our components, or tutorials. It will increase your chances of sales and commission, as users often return to us.