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14 July, 2022
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Passive income. Create your own referral network

Is it possible to earn an income without putting in your effort? Yes and no. If you build up a reasonably extensive referral network, such an income can indeed be significant. However, it requires a particular commitment at the beginning so that you can then reap the rewards...

Tier levels

The following referral tier levels apply to our affiliate program.

Tier Options

Levels of referral:

  • Tier Level 1 - 5% 
  • Tier Level 2 - 2%
  • Tier Level 3 - 1%

Calculate from main commision amount.

Let's see how this works in practice. Some simple maths is needed here.

Let's assume you have five referrals at the first level. Each of them has gained another five. And level 2 referrals also have their 5 referrals.

Your network consists of:

  • 5 referrals on the first level
  • 25 referrals on level two
  • 125 referrals at level three

If everyone now reaches the minimum to withdraw, i.e. €100, this means that:

  • the first level has earned €500 - commission for you €25
  • the second level has earned €2500 - commission for you €50
  • the third level has earned €12500 - commission for you €125

So in total, you will get €200 from your referral business!

Of course, we assume in our calculations that all referrals are as active as you are, but note that the network is by no means very large. Remember, the sooner you recommend our affiliate program, the sooner you will start making profits.

You will find your affiliate referral link in your Tier Recruiting / Tier Linking Code panel.

Of course, any link works too. So you can generate your code leading directly to the page - https://dj-extensions.com/affiliate-program 

More information about how to generate such a link you will find Here