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DJ-Catalog 3.5.6 is here!
07 February 2017
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DJ-Catalog 3.5.6 is here!

26 November, 2021

Our directory and catalog extension DJ-Catalog2 just got updated to version 3.5.6. Version 3.5.6 is a big update so read the blog post before you update to learn about what changed and how to update.

Bye, bye Joomla 2.5 and MooTools

We've dropped support for Joomla 2.5 and MooTools. From this version DJ-Catalog2 supports jQuery.

Important: Even we made the update as smooth as possible and compatible with any template, due to this change there are several factors you should take into account before updating.
If you have not done any template overrides or files modifications, there should be no issues with this update. Learn more about updating DJ-Catalog2 to version 3.5.6

Better CSV import support!

We have added the new option that allows administrators to configure import procedure better when it comes to importing Products.

The new feature can be found in the back-end area of the page named "Import configuration."

Learn more about this new feature from this article: DJ-Catalog2 Import Configuration

Google Maps personal marker

You will find the new option in DJ-Catalog2 settings - Marker Icon.

When you upload a new icon here, it will appear on Google Maps as your new marker. 

Access settings for each attachment [ACL]

Each attachment file has now individual Access (ACL) settings. This is a handy feature if you plan to show the attachments for different access groups in Joomla.

The new setting can be found when editing the product in the backend.

Custom Styles for Google Maps

Similar way we introduced in DJ-Classifieds, you can use custom styles for your Google Maps in DJ-Catalog2.

The new setting is available in DJ-Catalog2 options. Read the article how you can now manipulate the Google Maps styles

Improved OpenGraph and Twitter Cards support

  1. Now, bigger images are served including their sizes, so correct image should be displayed in social media.
  2. The descriptions are now taken this way: meta-description -> intro description -> full description (earlier only meta-description). This way no matter which description field is filled it'll be used (in this order).

Improved Items module [bootstrap columns]

You can now set a number of columns the products will be displayed in.

This feature is available in Items module settings [Bootstrap columns]:

This is how it can look on front-end:

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