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Dj-Catalog ver 3.5.3 released with bunch of new features!
02 March 2016
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Dj-Catalog ver 3.5.3 released with bunch of new features!

26 November, 2021

DJ-Catalog2 version 3.5.3 was just released and is ready for download and update for all active subscribers.

This version brings new features and some fixes for minor problems found by users.

Here's a short roundup with links to tutorials explaining each of new features added to this version

New DJ-MediaTools integration

This is cool new feature! - with this new integration you can display product images as DJ-MediaTools layout. This way your products can have new, personal touch with all the possibilities you can achieve in DJ-MediaTools layouts. Read more about DJ-MediaTools new integration

Query History

Registered users can now see list of their queries. There's a new view available that can be used by registered users that you can add to menu. Read about Queries History feature

Notify product owners

Authors of the products (product owners) can be notified about the query made about their products. Now not only Administrator receives information about the questions asked about the products. You can set it also to send notifications about the queries to the product owners/authorsRead more about notifying product owners

Search autocomplete

With this integration you can easily use Joomla's Smart Search (autocomplete) feature with DJ-Catalog2. Enable plugin, index products and use Joomla autocomplete (smart search) instantly. Check how to use Smart Search with DJ-Catalog2

Display prices in query cart

Using query cart can be now more convenient with displaying prices in itHow to display prices in query cart

Attributes grouping

Assign and display more fields groups in one product! This way your products will have better description and can be found more easily with DJ-Catalog search and filters. Learn more about Attributes Grouping 

Useful links

Important info

Along with this update DJ-Catalog2 got new pricing, now 6 months subscription costs $75 and 12 months subscription - $110, we've also updated the bundles pricing to reflect this change. 

Remember that you can purchase DJ-Catalog2 as a single extension subscription as well as in bundle.

We encourage you to get DJ-Catalog2 + DJ-MediaTools bundle to supercharge DJ-Catalog2 with better presentation for your products, categories and producers.