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DJ-Catalog2 3.7 with shopping cart released
18 February 2018
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DJ-Catalog2 3.7 with shopping cart released

26 November, 2021

We are happy to announce that we released a stable version of DJ-Catalog2 that includes e-commerce features.

The previous stable releases used to have 3.5.x version numbers, whereas some of you might already try version 3.6 beta. The "beta" stage was quite long and we were able not only to fix the bugs you reported but also add even more significant options. That's why we are skipping the number 3.6 and the newly released DJ-Catalog2 is having a version no. 3.7.

Let us now go through all significant changes. You will surely have questions, so don't forget to visit FAQ and check out our updated Documentation.

New demo site

We have prepared a new demo site for the e-commerce setup of DJ-Catalog2.

In the horizontal menu you can see the available views:

You can also check the more advanced products:

Visit DJ-Catalog2 E-commerce setup demo

Shopping features

The component may now we used a shop which includes:

  • making orders by registered or guest users,
  • possibility to create various payment and delivery methods,
  • basic stock control,
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery methods
  • product combinations,
  • and VAT handling,
  • compare products, 
  • tiered pricing (unique feature)
  • and more

Shopping features explained

Tiered pricing

A feature that allows you to define either variable price or discounts for your products depending on how many of them are being purchased in single order.

Tiered pricing

Product combinations

Based on selected custom attributes you can now create a various combination of one product, e.g. a t-shirt that comes in different colors and sizes.

Product Combinations

Product customizations

The option that allows customers to adjust non-predefined attributes of a product, such as a place branding, add custom text or wrap item as gift.

Product Customisations

Support for multiple VAT rates and VAT rules

It means that you are not only able to define VAT rate for a product, but you can also assign different VAT rates depending on the country to which the product will be presented/shipped/sold to.

VAT rates and rules

Support for 3rd party Payment and Delivery plugins

The component is already ready for new plugins to be created. Currently, the available payment plugins are:

  • Paypal
  • Mollie
  • PayU (Poland)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)

if you would like us to prepare integration for the payment system of your choice - please contact us.

How to create payment method

How to create delivery method

Product details popup / quick preview

A quick preview of a product accessible directly from the product list, so that visitor does not have to be redirected to separate product page.

This feature can be enabled in Options -> Product list -> Product Image -> Link to product preview 

You can also set same behavior for the product title, and set it in Options -> Product list -> Product name -> Link to product preview integration

A service that allows you to optimize images generated by the component. integration

Product comparision

Enable products comparision by enabling the feature in: Options -> Compare page -> Enable product compare -> Yes. 

You will find more settings for the comparision page there.

See it in action:

Want to know more?

Articles related to this release:

Important for Joomla-Monster's templates users: Please check with the Joomla Monster updates if your template already supports the latest version of DJ-Catalog2 before updating.

Even though we did our best to get the update work fine with the Joomla Monster templates not all new features may look and work as expected in your current version.
The updated templates will be released gradually with the new features.

Possible scenarios:

  • (Preferred) If you want to update the extension to get new features you should not test the update on the production version of your website. If all works fine in your staging environment you can do the update on the production site.
  • If you have made the update to the production site and found any issues you can restore your backup.
  • If you have not made a backup (you should btw) you may try downgrade to the previous version by installing version 3.5.9 manually (the 3.5.9 version can be found in the downloads section).
  • Not all features are visible in certain views, in this case, try to change the DJ-Catalog2 theme to "bootstrapped" and see if it helps.

What do you think about this new features? Let us know in comments