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dj-catalog2 joomla4 comatibility
24 January, 2022
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DJ-Catalog2 4.0.1 - Fully Compatible with Joomla 4

24 January, 2022

DJ-Catalog2 extension ver. 4.0.1 brings Joomla 4 compatibility and some improvements. We've fixed all bugs reported by version BETA users.

DJ-Catalog2 Ready for Joomla 4

The most important news regarding the latest update of DJ-Catalog2 is that it is now fully compatible with Joomla 4. By the way, we have also made some useful changes for version 4.0.1:

  • The URL of the update server has been changed
  • License Manager has been removed. Users are now required to provide Download IDs via Joomla! Update Sites manager
  • Coupons may now be applied to specific producers only
  • Polish language is now included in the installation package

DJ-Catalog2 Version 3.10.2 for Joomla! 3

Along with the DJ-Catalog2 version stable for Joomla 4, we've released the update for Joomla 3.

Version 3.10.2 brings the following changes:

  • License Manager has been improved.
  • Coupons may now be applied to specific producer-only
  • Polish language is now included in the installation package

Installation on Joomla 4 and Upgrade from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4

If you're doing the upgrade to Joomla 4 - it's highly recommended to update DJ-Catalog2 to the newest version 3.10.2 first, and then upgrade to Joomla 4. DJ-Catalog2 3.10.2 is a version that allows a smooth update to Joomla 4.

We have prepared a video tutorial where you can check how this process works:

You should know that an upgrade to Joomla 4 is not a regular update - you HAVE to make a backup and store it in a safe place.

First, be sure that all extensions and templates you use are compatible with Joomla 4 - you can learn more about the upgrading process from this article.

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