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DJ-Catalog2 4.0 Beta for Joomla 4 released
16 November 2021
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DJ-Catalog2 4.0 Beta for Joomla 4 released

26 November, 2021

DJ-Catalog2 and Joomla 4

DJ-Catalog2 version 4.0 Beta for Joomla 4 offers the same features as version 3.10 running for Joomla 3. 


The latest Catalog2 3.10 update brings some other improvements.

Learn more from the changelog

Who can use the Beta version for Joomla 4?

All active subscribers of DJ-Catalog2 can download the beta version from the download section.

Download the DJ-Catalog2 ver. 4.0 Beta

Installation on Joomla 4 and upgrade from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4

If you're doing the upgrade to Joomla 4 - it's highly recommended to update DJ-Catalog2 to the newest version 3.10 first, and then upgrade to Joomla 4. DJ-Catalog2 3.10 is a version that allows a smooth update to Joomla 4

We have prepared a video where we show you how this process works:

Remember - upgrade to Joomla 4 is not a regular update - you HAVE to make a backup and store it in a safe place. First, be sure that all extensions and templates you use are compatible with Joomla 4 - you can learn more about the upgrading process from this article.

What is DJ-Catalog2 - Joomla eCommerce and catalog extension?

DJ-Catalog2 is a powerful eCommerce and directory solution for Joomla that can easily handle thousands of products. You can use it as a simple solution or configure it to run advanced scenarios for your business. It comes with core multilanguage and RTL support, payment, delivery, and integration plugins.

Discover DJ-Catalog2 features

Can I use this version on production websites?

Remember that this is a beta version, so make a backup first if you're testing it on the live site (nothing should break, but it's always good to make a backup). We do not recommend installing this version on production websites. 

Let us know if you found any issues with this beta release?

We have tested the release. However, we'd like to ask you to check this version first.

If you find any issues, please use this form to let us know what's wrong, and we will fix it in the stable version.

Maybe we should add something more to the stable release? Do you miss any features?

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