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dj-catalog2 update to version 3.5
26 November, 2021
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DJ-Catalog2 Version 3.5 Stable

26 November, 2021

DJ-Catalog2 version 3.5 was just released as the stable version.

This update brings many new features that our customers expect. Some of them are:

  • Possibility to assign the product to multiple field groups
  • Products' location-related attributes (address, city, phone, etc.) + Google Maps support.
  • Map search / Product Locator
  • Archived products mark products as archived and have a separate view that displays archived products only.
  • Parent/child products - the possibility of assigning the product to another parent - product. Children are displayed in a table layout on a single product page.
  • New cart layout - with a single "Update cart" button.
  • Attachment labels/captions. Ability to predefine valid labels for attachments.