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How to change "manufacturer" in language file
15 June 2012
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How to change "manufacturer" in language file

26 November, 2021

We're getting questions regarding change of different parts of DJ-Catalog2.

Usually you ask how to change "Manufacturer/Producer" name to something different that suits your website needs.

That's really easy to do. Just follow this steps: 


  1. FTP to your server
  2. navigate to components/com_djcatalog2/language/en-GB (or other folder with your language. for example  components/com_djcatalog2/language/es-ES )
  3. open the en-GB.com_djcatalog2.ini file
  4. change the COM_DJCATALOG2_PRODUCER entry to anything you like 
  5. Save file

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You can also find the article on how to translate DJ-Catalog using Localise extension here.

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