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RC.1 version of DJ-Catalog2 ver. 3.5.4
11 April 2016
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RC.1 version of DJ-Catalog2 ver. 3.5.4

26 November, 2021

DJ-Catalog2 version 3.5.4 Release Candidate 1 was just released.

IMPORTANT: This is not stable version for production sites! Use it for tests only.

In this RC you'll find better PHP7 compatibility, improvements, fixes and new features. Check the changelog:

  1. (+) There is a new attribute (Page Heading) and the setting (Page heading override) - within categories and products - which both allow to give better control overheading on product and category pages.
  2. (+) We added "Show on google map link" into the map markers.
  3. (+) There is a new version of Filters Module (mod_djc2filters). It introduces new type of filter (Checkbox OR) that applies to checkbox fields and becomes the alternative for already existing Checkbox filter.
  4. (!) In some cases, upon saving a product and changing its group of extra fields, the values of old attributes were not deleted. It has been fixed now.
  5. (!) New version of Producers Module (mod_djc2producers). It fixes the conflicts between two module instances on the same page.
  6. (!) New version of Finder plugin (plg_finder_djcatalog2). It fixes the problem with indexing child products.
  7. (!) Problems with contact and product submission forms ("0-Invalid address bug") have been fixed. (Joomla 3.5+).
  8. (!) Problems with invalid database COLLATION when using alphabetical filter (A-Z) have been fixed (Joomla 3.5+).
  9. (!) PHP 7 compatibility. In some specific cases, the list of extra fields values were not listed in the product form. It has been fixed.

This version can be found in Downloads section of DJ-Catalog2 and is available for all active subscribers.

Once downloaded just install the AIO package as any other extension. All data will remain.

If you'll find any issues with this version please let us know in comments below or directly using helpdesk, thanks!