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Alta User Points App for DJ-Classifieds
05 December 2017
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Alta User Points App for DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

AltaUserPoints is an extension which provides users with method to gain points for performing actions on the website. Users can be rewarded for posting articles, inviting new users etc.

Our new app integrates DJ-Classifieds with AltaUserPoints. It provides possibility to earn and spend points for DJ-Classifieds actions. You can, for example, allow users to earn points by posting ads and later spend them on promotions.

It's our 11th premium app. You can find others on Apps and Integrations page.

More info

The new App is available automatically for all users with active DJ-Classifieds + All Apps plan. All you need to do is log in to your account at DJ-Extensions and visit Premium Apps downloads area.

If you have any questions regarding this App let us know in comments!

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