[BETA RELEASE] DJ-Classifieds update brings the OpenStreetMap support

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[BETA RELEASE] DJ-Classifieds update brings the OpenStreetMap support
03 January 2019
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[BETA RELEASE] DJ-Classifieds update brings the OpenStreetMap support

26 November, 2021

Happy New Year. We are starting 2019 with a new release: the long-awaited DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 beta version (with OpenStreetMap support, other features, and fixes) is ready for your tests!

Stable version is here. Learn more: DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 with OpenStreetMaps, advert hits and more features released.

What’s new in the 3.7.6 Beta version?

OpenStreetMap Support

The update brings a Leaflet OpenStreetMap support in DJ-Classifieds core and DJ-Classifieds Maps module. It’s the most important new feature.

This feature includes:

  • geolocation based on the address when adding the new advert
  • displaying the map in the advert/user profile details
  • map module

Thanks to the OpenStreetMap support you don’t have to worry about Google restrictions and do not have to provide the Credit Card information.

This feature works thanks to the new “DJ-Classifieds - Leaflet Maps” plugin.  

Now, you can also set the Leaflet Maps in the "DJ-Classifieds Maps module" by choosing it from the list of available map providers.

We plan to implement the following elements in the next version:

  • POI in the search module
  • HTML5 geolocation in the search module
  • Map (+ button "use my location") in adding an advert

See how to set the Leaflet OpenStreetMap in the component and Maps module

Which other OpenStreetMap features are you waiting for? Please let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us. Thank you for your feedback.

Possibility to edit password, email address, and name in DJ-Classifieds user profile.

In the profile edit form, you can change also core Joomla! User elements like name, password, and email.

That is a handy feature, allowing you to change the name and password inside the DJ-Classifieds profile without linking directly to the core Joomla! edit form.

The user does not have to leave the DJ-Classifieds component and use the Joomla profile.

The latest DJ-Classifieds update also brings two fixes:

  • Disabled generating coordinates when there are no Google Maps Keys
  • Resolved problems with old links structure in the adverts RSS feed

Please note that this is a BETA version, so besides it is not intended to be used on production sites (do not update it on the live site, please check it in your staging environment or website copy) it can have bugs (this is why the beta version is released to find as much as possible of them). So if any of the features mentioned here does not work good or you have noticed any issues, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write a comment below.
The stable version will be released within a few weeks (2-3) as we gather the feedback about beta version and work with Joomla-Monster.com on updating the Classifieds Joomla templates to work with the latest version.

Download DJ-Classifieds BETA 3.7.6 here.

More about this update:

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