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DJ-Classifieds 3.7.2 released
25 March 2018
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DJ-Classifieds 3.7.2 released

26 November, 2021

We've just updated DJ-Classifieds, our Joomla adverts extension to version 3.7.2.

The new version resolves several issues and brings many new features that were requested by our users :)

Most important in this update

Field groups for custom fields in the registration

We added a possibility to create a group of custom fields in the registration form and assign them to Joomla groups.

In this way, you can easily display different fields for different groups. Save time and simplify settings.

How to set field groups for custom fields in the registration

Images custom paths

New parameters in images sections allow setting paths where uploaded DJ-Classifieds images will be stored. You can set paths for adverts, categories, and profiles. Images are split into different subfolders to avoid the problem with reaching a maximum number of files per directory. The new directory is generated automatically for every 1000 items.

How to select a path for storing advert images

Images size limits on the upload

Now in images configuration, there is also a possibility to restrict maximum width and/or height of uploaded images. Basing on those parameters uploader will check the size of the image and if the uploaded image will reach restricted value then the image will be resized to desired dimensions before upload. This change will save you a lot of space!

Save button will also be blocked during upload.

How to resize images on upload

Adverts with auctions in items module

From now in DJ-Classifieds Items module you can display only adverts that have auctions feature enabled. A small but very decent change.

Title attribute for category pages

We added a possibility to provide title parameter for category pages which should greatly improve SEO optimization of your service.

Edit and Remove buttons from the administrator account on the front-end

The user who is assigned to "Super User" group after login on the advert details page can edit and delete adverts the same as advert owner.

No more searching for adverts on the back-end!

How to enable edit and delete on advert details page?

The auction timer

We've also added the auction timer feature that will be displayed in the Single Ad view, under the bidding box:

Promotions periods restricted to durations

New possibility to restrict promotion period to advert duration period.

Shipping plugin improvements

We've update the shipping plugin. 

New "Categories" parameter was added to the "DJ-Classifieds - Shipping" plugin. It gives the ability to specify which categories to show.

The price "0.00" was converted to Free Shipping". The "Free shipping" information is more attractive for the users. 

Subscription Plans App update

We've updated the Subscription Plans App as well and the "Offer" option was added. This feature allows to publish adverts with the Offer option. 

You can enable it in the App options. 

Learn more about the Offers App for DJ-Classifieds.

More about this update

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