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30 August, 2023
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DJ-Classifieds in action: inspiring custom websites created for our customers

30 August, 2023

DJ-Classifieds continues to shine as one of the most sought-after Joomla classified ads extensions available in today's market. If you've been on the lookout for the ideal ad solution for your Joomla website, the name DJ-Classifieds should ring a bell, given its widespread popularity and reputation.

Renowned for its flexibility and robustness, DJ-Classifieds offers an array of advanced features that empower you to craft websites that seamlessly blend beauty, professionalism, and functionality. Whether you're establishing a platform for classified advertisements, directory listings, or any similar purpose, DJ-Classifieds provides the building blocks for success.

Below, you'll find a selection of websites that stand as a testament to the capabilities of DJ-Classifieds, all of which have been expertly tailored and meticulously crafted by our proficient team. 

For over 15 years we work with the web. We’re experienced in creating Joomla & WordPress extensions, templates, custom programming, graphic design.

Our custom services offer includes:

  • Joomla & WordPress Services
  • Joomla & WordPress setup, updates and fixes
  • Brand new website implementation
  • Graphic design implementation
  • Maintenance
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Websites - Custom Web Development
  • Joomla & WordPress template customization
  • Dedicated theme/styling for extensions
  • Import for DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog2

Custom works with implemented DJ-Classifieds












DGN Neurojobs

Twoja Baza Turystyczna



Encompassing a collection of meticulously curated websites, we presente to you a captivating compilation featuring a common thread—the utilization of the CMS Joomla platform in conjunction with the powerful DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension.

In the realm of crafting online platforms centered around classified advertisements, DJ-Classifieds undeniably stands as a formidable choice that demands your attention.

Surprising in its efficiency, the process of developing a Joomla-based advertising website unfolds with remarkable swiftness, far exceeding initial expectations.

Whether your aspirations lead you to a modest platform or an expansive digital domain, the Joomla classified ads extension seamlessly adapts, placing comprehensive control at your fingertips. Managing your website and nurturing revenue streams evolve into an effortless endeavor, thanks to the unparalleled capabilities of DJ-Classifieds.

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