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Introducing enhanced locations feature
06 February 2018
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Introducing enhanced locations feature

26 November, 2021

The new, simple and easy to use feature added in DJ-Classifieds brings significant change and facilitation for the user experience as well as Offers App related update and fixes.

There's now a new field in Location details that when filled, simplifies the experience for the user in advert submission form and search module and eliminates the errors.

Submission form

By providing the ISO code to the location marked as "Country" in the component, the autocomplete feature from Google Maps in the submission form restricts the hints to the chosen country only, making the results more relevant and less prone to user errors.

Warsaw is a good example. It is the capital of Poland as well as the cities in the USA. With the new feature, you can restrict the suggestions from autocomplete to either Poland or USA, so user cannot make a mistake that could later impact the advert location on the maps or search when using range feature.

This way the autocomplete feature shows only suggestions (Google Maps Places) from the selected country.

See examples:

When no or the location without the ISO code is selected:

  • As you can see, the autocomplete suggestions show results from Poland and three locations in the USA.

When Poland is selected and ISO code set in location details:

  • The autocomplete results show only places from Poland. ISO code used for Poland location: PL

When the United States is selected and ISO code set in location details:

  • The autocomplete results show only places in the USA. ISO code used for the United States location: US.

Exemplary settings

Dynamic map change

Now, when the Location is marked as "Country" and with the ISO code entered (as in the example above) the map dynamically updates with the selected country.

Search and filters module

The feature works also in the search and filters module. This way when the location is chosen in the search module the Address field works same way as in the submission form.

This also makes the mistakes when searching the address less possible.

Views related to the Offers App updated

We have introduced the more intuitive view of the Offers submitted and received.

The new layout is more condensed and clear.

Offers submitted

Offers received

Learn more about the Offers App for DJ-Classifieds.

Good to know

  • Make sure you have enabled maps hints. You find it in options -> Global tab -> Places hints. Set it to Yes and save the settings.
  • If you want the map to auto-update when the location changes set the Allow to provide coordinates setting in options -> Global tab to "Yes select on the map"
  • ISO code: here's the list of ISO codes for countries
  • You will find the default zoom of the maps set in options -> Global tab -> Map Zoom parameter
  • The search module settings you need to set in the mod_djclassifieds_search is: Search radius of address (places API) set it to "Show"
  • You will find Maps and Locations related content by browsing these tags:

More about this update

Let us know in comments what do you think about this update?

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