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Tags and templates for e-mail in DJ-Classifieds [improved resource with a Video]
24 May 2017
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Tags and templates for e-mail in DJ-Classifieds [improved resource with a Video]

26 November, 2021

We have updated the article about e-mail tags for DJ-Classifieds e-mail templates with a handy tool - a table with all the tags and e-mail templates that you can filter how you need it.

If you are not familiar - DJ-Classifieds comes with a bunch (52 for now) e-mail tags that can be used in e-mail templates that are sent from DJ-Classifieds for different occasions.

You can easily create your template designs by using HTML or built-in editor to fit it to your site.

Now we have made finding the tags, its meaning and templates it can be used in even easier.

The table with tags looks like this:

  1. column with tags
  2. columns with an explanation of the tag in English, Polish, German + all of the available e-mail templates from DJ-Classifieds.
  3. tools for sorting and finding what you need

How to use the table

Once looking at the table you will find the tools to help you find what you need, hide what you do not need and even filter or display the results in different ways.

Check this short video to see what you can do with the table:

The informations about tags and the table itself is available in this article about e-mail tags in DJ-Classifieds

If you have any questions, leave a comment.