Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:51
Modified: Friday, 14 August 2020 08:44

DJ-Events-1.3verThe Joomla events & calendar extension 1.3 update brings the Joomla tags support.

Joomla tags support

That new feature results in the possibility of switching the Tags type between DJ-Events and Joomla in the DJ-Events "global settings" at the component's backend.

The user can choose whether to use DJ-Events own tags solution or core Joomla! tags.

Using Joomla tags gives you better control than working with DJ-Events tags. When creating a single event in DJ-Events, you can only define tags for a given event while Joomla! tags feature allows for better management of them (deletion, editing, etc.)

Tags type DJ-Events

Choosing the "DJ-Events," the component will use tags defined for DJ-Events extension. In the second case, after selecting "Joomla!" (and saving the settings), in the DJ-Events control panel, will appear the "Migrate tags" button.

Use the "Migrate tags" button, and DJ-Events tags will be migrated to Joomla! Tags. The result will be the use of tags defined for Joomla! as well as those migrated there.

Migrate tags DJ-Events


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