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DJ-League updated to version stable!
11 March 2018
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DJ-League updated to version stable!

26 November, 2021

We have just updated the DJ-League. The current version is 1.0 Stable.

Sports management solution for Joomla comes with many useful changes. A bunch of new options has been added to component.

We’ve added a clear division on tournaments and seasons and it has a significant effect on the entire component. There is no more possibility of choosing a league in the views or modules, now you can choose the tournament and the season and on this basis are drawn matches or tables of results.

Another change is the possibility to choose a team that will be highlighted in the score tables module.

What's more? Now you can also filter matches in the schedule of the selected team.

Another new option is the selection of criteria for determining the position in the score table.

You can also choose the columns that you want to display in the Score Table and set their order.

Ability to choose the number of rounds "robin-robin" to generate matches or setting the manual creation of matches for a given league was also added.

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