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Thursday, 12 July 2018 09:09


DJ-Classifieds is now better integrated with our PMS for Joomla, bringing the option to display the consent controls for users in the registration process and when the user edits the profile. This is another update that brings better control of the consents in DJ-Messages.

In the updated package this plugin was updated:

  • "System - DJ-Messages" 

The new version of the plugin that was updated in DJ-Messages 1.0.8 works with DJ-Classifieds registration plugin and editing profile, letting users control how they use the messaging component. Earlier it worked only with Joomla core registration and profiles.

Once enabled the new parameters to appear in the DJ-Classifieds registration view:

djclassifieds registration fields

and in the profile edit view:

new djmessages parameters

The first new field allows choosing whether users should be able to receive messages from internal Messaging system by default.

The second one gives the possibility to choose if profiles should be visible to others by default.

Read the System - DJ Messages plugin documentation to learn more about the available plugins.

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