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20 March, 2023
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Best Plugins and Extensions for Joomla 4.x Part 2

20 March, 2023

When working with Joomla 4.x, having the right tools is key. Site owners are often searching for new tools/extensions to help them optimise their workflow. Given the variety of solutions available, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth considering.

Extensions for Joomla 4.x are convenient tools that allow you to improve the look and feel of your website. We showed off a few of them in our previous blog post, but we know you need more.

So here we are back with a series of the best plugins and extensions for Joomla 4.x curated specifically for your website.

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to check out the first part of this blog post!

What is Joomla?

Joomla-based websites account for more than 1.5 million sites worldwide. This is a very good result. Joomla is a project dating back to 2005, when a few developers working with Mambo (a popular web development tool) decided to create Joomla.

Joomla will help you create all types of websites, including personal blogs, business, corporate, government websites, news outlets, online shops and more. Set-up is simple and content management is intuitive and accessible to everyone. The Joomla CMS in the latest version 4.x is strongly praised for its SEO-friendly default configuration, security features and multilingual content support.

An additional advantage for users is the detailed documentation and also access to a global community of developers and users where help can be counted on.

Top 3 Joomla extensions

Which extensions you might need depends largely on what you want to achieve on your website. We have put together our most popular add-ons for Joomla 4.x. We hope they will be perfect for your project. Whether you decide to use them or not, they will certainly show you how easy it is to improve the functionality of your Joomla site using them.


DJ-MediaTools is a photo and video gallery extension for Joomla 4.x. Use it to create beautiful responsive photo & video galleries containing images, videos, or content automatically fetched from other extensions.

DJ MediaTools main features are:

10 available gallery and slideshow layouts

  • Images or videos (locally stored or Youtube or Vimeo, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Liveleak, Yahoo movies).
  • Multi uploader
  • Responsive and touch-ready!
  • Play videos directly on the slide!
  • Images and pictures optimization for better performance


DJ-Tabs is a Joomla 4.x tabs and accordions extension.

That unique solution for tabs in Joomla, works as a component and you can reuse the same set of tabs in different places, like module position, inside articles, or as menu items. You do not need to use any shortcodes or tags to create the tabs.

DJ Tabs is a powerful Joomla tabs and accordion extension with WCAG 2.0/Section 508 support purposed for flexibly displaying different content types, allowing you to set almost every aspect of the look, feel and content and way it is displayed.

Users can add the custom icon (font awesome) to each tab, and customize the whole tabs or accordion view by using the theme customizer or one of the predefined themes.

Main DJ Tabs features are:

  • Easy management
  • Many content types
  • Tabs or Accordions
  • 12 editable themes

DJ-Events Pro

DJ-Events is an event calendar extension for Joomla 4.x. It’s purposed to manage events and show them in component and modules on the website. You can easily create various events, describe them, insert images/videos and allow website users to submit their events as well.

The DJ-Events Joomla component makes it easy to create and edit events on your Joomla website. It's a convenient way to keep your website's visitors informed about the events they should attend for.

Using the extension you are able to create as many events as you want, with full flexibility of customizing all the necessary fields such as event type, event date and time, event start and end time, event tags and keywords, location, and more.

DJ Events main features are:

  • Unlimited events
  • Front-end management
  • Google maps support
  • Tags
  • Recurring events
  • Using images and videos
  • Online/virtual events
  • Flexible modules (search, calendar, tags, map, items)


And that’s it for this blog post. Now you know another useful Joomla 4.x extensions. Give them a try, and you will discover what works best for you.

Be ready for part 3 of this summary, don’t thank us yet!