Pets & Animals Classifieds Joomla Website

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Pets & Animals Classifieds Joomla Website
16 October 2017
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Pets & Animals Classifieds Joomla Website

26 November, 2021

Discover the best animals and pets theme capable of transforming your web page into number one classifieds portal, animal breeder, animal shelter or even pet caretakers site.

If you are an animal lover or a business owner, you should consider having a website to show your services, activity or collection to the world.

Nowadays, the animals classified ads & information portal is a prevalent type of website. How does it look in the most prominent portals?

Let's take a GumTree as the first example here. The "Pets" category is divided into three subcategories there:

  • Pets for Sale
  • Equipment & Accessories
  • Missing, Lost & Found

There are currently 15,570 Pets for Sale Ads available!

Let's go further. Visiting Oodle marketplace, you will realize that "pets" is one of the most important categories there. One of the subcategories - "Dogs," comes with 497,736 ads!

What's the potential?

Using the portal you can add ads, advertise yourself, acquire new customers, increase your sales, give away free pets and accessories related to them or find your dream pet.

That is not everything because it can also be a solution for animals hotel, shelter or a foundation that is looking for a new home for pets.

Running a portal is an excellent idea for individual, breeders and other users as well.

Animals Joomla template was primarily designed to suit the needs of every type of website related to animals & pets category. continues to release themes that are professional, functional and visually stunning. 

Running a site about animals is a great idea, but making it using a template packed with many features is even better.

JM Animals Classifieds uses few of our premium Joomla extensions:

Besides premium extensions this template also includes a free module (JM Additional Features) purposed for displaying product’s features.

There are also three different demo versions available:

All of them are only examples, but using the quickstart package included you can install them as keep the same look on your website.

As you already know, this theme uses DJ-Classifieds, a classified ads software.

It gives you a considerable number of useful features.

You can for example showcase animals and pets classifieds divided into countries or different world regions. Create own custom fields and assign them to a specific category or user’s profile.

Another essential feature is an advanced search module making searching for classifieds easier.

Showing Featured our Latest offers and categorized Ads by region is also not a problem!


DJ-MediaTools implemented here is a fantastic option for breeders to show information including beautiful galleries of puppies for sale.

This information can include contact details along with a Google Map. As you can check on the demo site, there is also an “about us” section available to check.

Take a look at the picture below. That is a view of Gallery Grid album, of one of many available DJ-MediaTools views.

If you are a shelter, nonprofit or charity website owner, you can also use several attractive, custom HTML modules prepared for donation systems.

Or use ready-made, eye-catching, animated modules and link them to any blog posts.

They are also the excellent choice when it comes to presenting info about campaigns, adoptions, or to gain sponsors or find volunteers.

See the example below:

As we mentioned above, DJ-MegaMenu and DJ-Reviews extensions were also implemented here.

DJ-Reviews allows creating rating criteria for various content types. Website's users will have the possibility to write reviews and rate articles.

An important element of each web page is the menu. Using DJ-MegaMenu you can easily set advanced menu structure as you wish.

We can not forget to mention that JM Animals is based on robust EF4 Joomla Framework.

It gives you the possibility to customize, adjust the design and layout to your needs, without editing code. Learn more about the EF4 Framework here.

You need to know that buying each Joomla-Monster template, gives you access to premium Joomla extensions by DJ-Extensions with a three months subscription! 

Get the best animals Joomla template for $99 only with all the extensions.

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