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How to use DJ-Classifieds - YooTheme Integrator Plugin

What is our integrator

DJ-Classifieds - YooTheme Integrator is a special plugin that provides the ability to generate views of the DJ-Classifieds component using the Yootheme PRO builder Thanks to the different content types available in the plugin - dynamic content, you can create unique views for:

  • Category view
  • Classifieds view
  • Profile view

To create these views, you can use all the elements available in Yootheme, such as grid, slideshow, panel slider and others.

What you need

How to run it?

1. Install DJ-Classifieds integrator according to the guide - DJ-Classifieds - YooTheme Integrator plugin Installation

2. If your Joomla does not have the data then it will be easiest if at this stage you complete DJ-Classifieds with sample categories,ads, additional fields ( Optional )

3. Now we need to create a Joomla menu item that will block our ability to assign a template (It doesn't matter whether you choose the blog view or the table view)

creating joomla menu

4. Go to your Joomla's Dashboard and then locate the "3rd Part" widget and click "YooTheme"

joomla dashboard view

5. In the YooTheme builder, go to the item menu with the list of ads

6. Go to the "Templates" tab.

7. Create a new template. Make sure its type is "DJ-Classifieds - Items".

You can specify the category for which the template should be active. For more information, you can find on the subpage about the template "DJ-Classifieds - Items".

edit classifieds template

8. Navigate to the template you created and create a new layout

creating new layout for advert
9. Create an element of type "Classifieds grid"
creating classifieds grid element

10. Add a single item in the Classifieds grid and select its Dynamic Content as "Ads"

You can find all the information about availability and configuration on the "Ads" subpage

adding single item in classifieds grid
11. Assign an ad title, location name and price information. You can also assign a "First image" value. For the need of a single ad template, also set a "Link to ad"
location and price in classifieds adverts

12. Then save the template and click any "Read more" button

13. Create a template. This time make sure its type is "DJ-Classifieds - Item".

You can specify whether the template should be only for ads marked Buy Now or "Price Negotiable". You can find all the information about the template on the subpage "DJ-Classifieds - Item"

creating a classifieds template
14. Navigate to the newly created template and create a layout
Personalize the ad template according to your preferences. If some dynamic content is not visible it means that it is not available within the context. Each dynamic content has a detailed description in our documentation

Available templates

Below you will find a list of templates available for integration with DJ-Classifieds. In the details of each of them you will find information about their settings and available filters

Dynamic content

DJ-Classifieds - YooTheme Integrator Plugin introduces several completely unique content types. You can find a list of all available content below: