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New to DJ-Extensions?

Registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds

With registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds, you can overwrite regular Joomla registration and allow users to fill fields that will be then visible in their DJ-Classifieds profile.

The DJ-Classifieds registration solution comes with 2 plugins:

  • plg_djcflassifieds_registration - main registration plugin. It's delivered with every DJ-Classifieds installation
  • plg_djcflassifieds_acymailing.zip - allows adding user to AcyMailing during registration (This plugin works ONLY when AcyMailing component is installed and in use)

Active subscribers can download the The AcyMailing integration here.

I assume that you already have a running website with DJ-Extensions component and database of ads. If not, then first read the documentation and tutorials:

and tutorials about profile options:

I’ll show you step by step how to set DJ-Classifieds registration plugin.

Setting up plugin

Now let's move on to the merits. Our registration form currently looks like that:

and we want it to look like this:

You can see, there is a new field in the registration form- “eye colour.
And the view of custom profile:

Here we have a new field, too. I want to add a new field in Profile and allow the user to fill this field during the registration process.

Go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Fields and click New

Set fields as follow:

Type label,
Use in -> Custom fields in Profile,
Choose Type of fields and type Values,
Select Required-> Yes,
Select In registration-> Yes.
Click Save and Close
Well done. Our registration form has increased by one item.

Frontend view

Now let's register a new user.

As you can see, the plugin displayed a new registration look with profile field visible:

I don’t fill in the required field, so when clicked Save a message asking for the fill in missing information was displayed.

OK, now profile have all required information. The profile looks like that:

Acymailing support

In the registration form, you can see a new field available: Sign up for our newsletter. This is due to “plg_djcflassifieds_acymailing.zip”. Now anyone can opt into the newsletter during registering.