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DJ-Classifieds Add-ons updated
05 April 2019
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DJ-Classifieds Add-ons updated

26 November, 2021

Quite recently, the premiere of the version 3.7.7 of the DJ-Classifieds component took place. It has not been a long time and we already have some new updates for you.

This time we focused on applications and plugins. Let's see what has been updated.


Attachments App

We have fixed the file extension conflict with the component's image uploader.

Alta User Points App

  • The app is now not displaying AUP points payment for guests or unsupported payment types.
  • We have also added checking if 'Payment' rule was enabled before payments.
  • The installation package includes also an AUP plugin.   
  • We have fixed the Payment rule for subtracting AUP points.
  • There is also a language fix (Coustom -> Custom)


DJ-Classifieds registration plugin

We have removed the 'Terms & Conditions' parameter (moved to global component params).

DJ-Classifieds system registration plugin

The SEF redirect fix was made here.

DJ-Classifieds Logman plugin

We've made a SQL errors fix for this plugin.

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