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Google Structured Data integration with DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Reviews
19 April 2020
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Google Structured Data integration with DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Reviews

26 November, 2021

Google Structured Data enhances the appearance of your web page in Google Search results, adding schema structured markup which improves your website's SEO.

Integration with DJ-Classifieds

Google Structured Data is now integrated with the DJ Classifieds component and enables you to add Structured Data and specifically the Product Content-Type to DJ Classifieds pages.

DJ-Classifieds is included in the list of the available integrations, which can be found at the component's backup at configuration options (Integrations tab).

After selecting the "Product Content Type" and the DJ Classifieds Integration, you'll be able to:

  • Map the product's properties with "Page options", "Meta Properties", "Site info" and more options.
  • Select the pages where the structured data is going to be generated.

The structured data will be generated on all DJ-Classifieds products by default. But you can also use the available Publishing Rules to target specific pages, including DJ Classifieds products only or all products assigned to specific DJ Classifieds categories.

An additional integration for the DJ-Reviews component

All ratings and reviews of DJ-Classifieds items can be also automatically added to the generated structured data. Integration with DJ-Reviews only works when the component is used along with DJ-Classifieds as its integral part.

Integration with DJ-Catalog2 extension

It should be mentioned that in 2019 integration with DJ-Catalog2 Joomla directory and eCommerce extension was added. Google Structured Data works with the DJ Catalog component and its products.

This integration works in a similar way as it was described above for DJ-Classifieds example.

You can learn more here: How to add Structured Data to DJ-Catalog2

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