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Live chat for DJ-Classifieds
27 December 2018
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Live chat for DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

We are pleased to inform you that we have just released the beta version of our newest extension for Joomla and DJ-Classifieds: DJ-Chat.

DJ-Chat is a free Joomla extension that allows communication between the seller and buyer for classified ads.

The buyer can simultaneously look at the advert and ask questions about it and the seller, on the other hand, can immediately answer any questions the buyer may have. Thanks to the AJAX technology, users can talk to each other without having to refresh the page, everything happens in real time.

Additionally, you can specify a special view in your menu item where users can see their previous conversations: 

There's also a notification if the user is currently offline or online represented by red and green dots next to the username

It's the first beta version ready for your tests.

If you have any ideas about developing it further, please leave a comment or contact us any other way. Thank you for your feedback.

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