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DJ-MegaMenu 3.4.5 Update
06 December 2016
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DJ-MegaMenu 3.4.5 Update

26 November, 2021

Check what’s new in DJ-MegaMenu 3.4.5. This update is available for free and pro versions of this great mega menu module and plugins for Joomla. We’ve added option to use transparency in the submenu, improved the Tree type view, made it faster by changing image icons to vectors/css and fixed some issues reported by users.

Transparency / Opacity / RGBA [PRO version]

One of the things you may find interesting in this update is added option for transparent colors of every element you can set the colors to. Check the tutorial about Color Customizer in DJ-MegaMenu if you’re not familiar with it.
With this update you can start using opacity in the colors you choose when using Color Customizer.
All colors are now being automatically transformed to RGBA color model so you can add the transparency/opacity with extra alpha channel.

The color picker now has extra slider so you can use it to select the opacity amount.

Additional scroll in mobile submenu [Free/PRO version]

We’ve added a neat feature that is helpful when you have many submenus in mobile menu. Now the new scroll will appear when accessing such sub menu making it easy to navigate through big menu structure.

Arrows as fontawesome / CSS [Free/PRO version]

The arrows are now made with fontawesome/css so no more images. It’s a little think that makes all more consistent + makes the module loads a little faster.

Tree menu type enhanced [Free/PRO version]

The tree menu type was updated to provide clearer view on the menu items. This menu type can is usually used to display complex menu structure, but can fit also simple ones.
You can enable it for every parent menu item in DJ-MegaMenu Options tab in menu item:

Then you need to enable this feature in “Submenu type” option:

The update brings this changes in tree menu type:

  • more clear font size
  • the whole submenu area is now clickable
  • the arrows (also font awesome/css) now points down when in tree menu mode

(You can check this type on our demo site here: https://demo.dj-extensions.com/dj-megamenu/)

What else?

  • Localhost/Windows machines issues with Themes fixed - due to the known bug in Joomla 3.6 there were problems with choosing the themes in DJ-MegaMenu options (more about the issue here: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/issues/11102 ). To fix it we created own field here instead of using the core Joomla one.
  • Submenu hidden on desktop when set to be displayed only on mobile - we’ve fixed this feature making it nicely hiding now on desktop browsers when set to be displayed only on mobile.
  • Size calculation of slideshow/galleries inside submenu - now the system calculates the needed width on-fly so the galleries and slideshows adapts now easily to submenus.

More info

  • You can check the complete changelog here
  • Check this mega menu for Joomla product page here
  • Do you have any questions? let us know in comments.

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