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DJ-Notifications updated with new parameters
19 March 2021
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DJ-Notifications updated with new parameters

26 November, 2021

DJ-Notifications plugin has been improved. New parameters essential for customizing the appearance of pop-ups have been added.

With the DJ-Notifications plugin, you can display system messages from Joomla! Core and 3rd party extensions in a nicer, modern way in popups instead of inline.

What's new?

The plugin's backend settings contain now new two parameters:

  • Display icons
  • Display headers

The new parameters improve the possibility of customizing your notifications. You can decide if you want to display the icon and header or resign from displaying any of these elements.

The DJ-Notifications pop-up notification with enabled icons and headers looks like this:

Now let's see the example where both parameters are not used:

Using the DJ-Notifications plugin is easy. All you need to do is install and enable the plugin, and it will automatically display the system messages and form validation notices in pop-ups.

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